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"Wind That Shakes the Sage"

Published in The Tishman Review and winner of their 2015 Nonfiction Staff Favorite Award, “The Wind That Shakes the Sage” chronicles my journey to Taos, New Mexico—how I came to live there and how I disappeared.


"Dawn from Twilight"

While building cabins and wind turbines for a Peak Oiler Survivalist in the Alaskan Bush I come face to face with my own fears about the apocalypse.



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"What Rises"

The oldest literary journal in the country and one of the best, I was thrilled when the North American Review asked if they could publish this one.


"Ice Fishing"

My first publication. A story I wrote after freezing my ass off on a frozen lake in Montana’s Pintlar Mountains.



Such a gruesome tool. I’d always wanted to work one into a story. Also, my first time writing about Colorado.


"Seventeen Fences"

A man living off the land in the Alaskan wilderness learns of his father’s death and must decide whether or not to return to civilization.

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"On the Divide"  

A man's attempt to tame a wild woman who can't sit still and has her heart set on Alaska.


"Brooks Range"

That same wild woman and her struggle between her love for Alaska and her love for the man.

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"Blizzard on the Rez"

The names have been changed and I added a few details, but the rest of this happened to some friends and neighbors of mine when I lived in Dakota.



A poem about the work my Scandinavian ancestors did in Dakota.

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"Working Holidays"

Based on my experience jackhammering and shoveling tar on a D.C. road crew.


"Bring Back What You Can Find"

A collaboration with the talented and innovative artist Malado Baldwin. Together we tell the story of the man who is struggling to settle down but must come to terms with his wanderlust.